Sunday, October 22, 2006

ICC painting contest winners declared

Doha • Arvindh Rajan, (IIS), Sarthak Bansal (DPS-MIS) & Smrithi Prashant (DPS-MIS) have been adjudged the title winners of the ICC Faber-Castell drawing competition conducted by Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) in the Seniors, Juniors & Sub-juniors categories respectively.

While the 2nd prize for Senior and Junior categories were bagged by Robin John Johnson (MES) and J M Soorya Narayan (AKIS) respectively, in the Sub-junior category the 2nd position was shared by three contestants viz Samyukta R Prabhu (DPS-MIS), Jewel Ann Sunny(IIS), T Nirupama(DPS-MIS). The 3rd prize for Senior, Junior & Sub-junior categories were won by Priya Bajaj(DPS-MIS), Mohd Aamir Shams (IIS) & S. Nikhil Roshan (DPS-MIS) respectively.

The yearly event of Drawing contest was conducted by ICC in association with Faber- Castell for the school-going children of the Indian community at DPS-MIS school on Friday, 15th September 2006. Four hundred and fifty five students from Indian schools had participated in the competitions conducted for various categories viz Senior, Junior & Sub-juniors. While the theme for the sub-juniors and juniors were open up to their choice, senior category students were given specific themes with three options which were announced only on the spot just before the contest.

The following have been selected to receive consolation prizes:

Senior Category : Preetika Krishnamoorthy (IIS), Rupalakshmi. V(DPS-MIS), Sh. Asif Iqbal (DPS-MIS), Sneha Balan (IIS) & Sujith (IIS)

Junior Category : G. Sai Spandana (MES), George Paul (DPS-MIS), Moinak Banerjee (MES), Narayani. S.A.(BPS), Nikita Bhattacharjee (DPS-MIS), Nikita Nilesh Mistry (MES), Prathyush Pradeep (MES), Russell Mendonca (DPS-MIS), Saurav Sanjeev (BPS) & Sharique Gafoor (MES).

Sub-Junior Category : Arooshi Birla (BPS), Ashwath Venkatagiri (BPS), Irine P. Aju (BPS), Kapil Ravi Rathod (DPS-MIS), Parag Bajaj (DPS-MIS), Paul Abraham (DMIS), Samiksha Arora (DPS-MIS), Sharon Ashley (DPS-MIS), Sutanka Sujaini (DPS-MIS) & Syed Muktar Haider (MES)

The trophies and certificates sponsored by Faber-Castell will be given away to the recipients in a public function to be organised by ICC by end Dec 2006.

The event was supported by Rani Juice and Transind Group. The competition was coordinated by Manta Uma Srinivas, Jt Secretary of ICC.